The truth is, the fitness industry failed me just like it did for so many other folks. Instead of learning how to nurture my body, I was taught to obsess over changing myself to fit made-up beauty standards.  

Now I am here to show you that movement is SO much more than aesthetics.

It all started when
I realised that movement
is a natural need of the human body...

Just like eating and sleeping. 

But if that's the case, then why did I despise working out so much?

But if that's the case, then why did I despise working out so much?

I am here to remind you that your body is on your side. 

I am here to remind you that your body is on your side. 



Come as you are.   Starlike is a deeply human, body neutral platform that respects your unique body, history and needs.  


There are few things as empowering as understanding your body. That's why my classes are informed by the most recent movement research and cutting edge trainings in anatomy, physiology and neuroscience.   

The values that guide me?

This is a heartfelt, personal space. I answer your questions, take class requests and listen to your feedback. Starlike is shaped by its community.

The values that guide me?

I didn't set out to be a "wellness" professional...

I just wanted to feel at home within my own body 


Everything was alright on the outside, but on the inside, I was in a constant battle with myself. I was stuck in an endless cycle of draining workouts, burning out and feeling guilty about not being "consistent enough."
I thought I was the problem...

This took such a toll on my confidence, resulting in body image issues and comparing myself to other women.
I kept thinking, " What will it take to feel truly good about myself again?"

 I realised I needed to break up with the toxic fitness culture that the standards we are held against are designed to keep us insecure and small.

So, I set out to reconnect with my body.
I did just about everything. A mix of breathwork, yoga, functional strength, and Pilates, all while learning about human physiology and trying to understand the purpose of movement.
Today, as a teacher, I help those disheartened by the "no pain, no gain" culture heal their own relationship with movement. 

Want the
real story?

Want the real story?

This or that




















This or that

your go-to fun fact?

My university degree is in East Asian studies!
Anyone keen to discuss the PRC's foreign
policy from 2023 onwards?

what's on your night stand?

My Kindle, foot cream
and that fancy Laneige vanilla lip sleeping mask. 

A song you listen to on repeat?

Lunita by Danit for high energy
You Want It Darker by Leonard Cohen for sulking

Your first job was?

A sales assistant at a fancy stationery story here in Warsaw. I still have an appreciation (read: obsession) for paper, pretty notebooks and smooth pens. 

what are YOU proud of?

Your one dinner guest? 

Whenever I doubt myself, I remember I moved to Australia all alone at 18. The beginnings were lonely and humbling, but eventually I created a life for myself there. The Gold Coast will always be a second home of mine, even though I'm not much of a surfer.

The Quiz

There is a 15th century Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch I would love speak to. His ideas were so strikingly beyond his times, I'm dying to know what inspired him. I mean, have you seen The Garden of Earthly Delights?

The Quiz

- Nicki M

Your style is friendly, approachable and non-judgemental. I love that you remind us we are all in our own journeys. You are very studious and I appreciate how you explain current research as to why we do what we do.

Starlike isn’t about harder, faster, stronger— it’s about moving in a way that actually serves you and will stay with you long-term.

- Gabrielle M

welcoming, encouraging, supportive, educational, it’s celebrating life and body as it is.

- Evelina Vainauskaite

how do starlike members describe me?

how do starlike members describe me?



so you know you are in safe hands

200HR Vinaysa Yoga Training at Soul Centre, Gold Coast
Mat pilates Training  at soul centre, gold coast
mentorship with annabel gebbie, gold coast
200hr lYT yoga Training 
LYT Sequencing lab
Anatomy & movement, breathe education
barre teacher training, barre variations
30hr yoga anatomy, andrew mcGonigle
the Language of yoga, andrew mcGonigle
Strength 101, jules mitchell and kathryn bruni-young
alba yoga academy (in progress)

Feel like we're friends already?

Let's move together!

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Feel like we're friends already?

Let's move together!

begin your 
starlike journey

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Lena is a certified Pilates and movement instructor living in Warsaw, Poland.